Anleitung Step 01

Step 1

No need to take off your shoes when you lace up your leazy laces. Start at the bottom eyelets and work your way up.

Anleitung Step 02

Step 2

Anchor the end tip from either the inside or the outside, depending on your preference.

 Anleitung Step 03

Step 3

Once your shoes are laced, they’ll stay snug, no matter what!

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SIMPLE, BRILLIANT & PRACTICAL: Our leazy laces are an innovation in the world of traditional laces. Made for kids and adults, leazy laces let you turn every sneaker and running shoe into a slip-on in a flash. leazy laces are stretchy and anchor into the last eyelet. They go beyond convenient. They provide comfort and stability whether you’re into sports or strolling. They also let you make a fashion statement, because there are no dangling lace ends to distract from your look. leazy laces tie together functionality and design and dress up every shoe. Lace them and leave them - they’ll stay snug, no matter how active you are.

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