No tie laces


We bend over several times a day to lace or tighten our shoes. Now there’s a much easier way to tie your laces. Let annoying lacing and tripping over shoelaces be a thing of the past. Stretchy leazy shoelaces not only tie together every outfit, they save time, their unique design ensure they always stay snug. You’ll never have to lace up, tie or retie your laces again! Our laces come in an array of colors, for women, men and children, whether your shoes are for running, sports or hanging out.

Made for everyone

leazy laces are great for everyone: kids, expecting moms, seniors, people with disabilities and back problems, the fashion-conscious, stressed-out, busy people and athletes, whether you’re a triathlete or a weekend soccer player. Find out how such a small product can make such a big difference. Give them a try!

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Leazy flat laces

leazy flat laces are flat and stretchy and anchor into your top eyelet. Lace them up like conventional laces.The special end tip anchors into the last eyelet.

Not just a great accessory for kids young and old, but also for people with mobility issues. No more cumbersome bending over!

leazy laces are available in 5 different colors and 4 lengths (S/M/L and XL) to fit shoes that have 4 to 7 eyelets per side.

Snug fit