Leazy flat laces are flat, stretchy laces with a special tip. Lace them like conventional laces. The main feature of the polyester-latex stretchy laces is their tip. It anchors onto the last eyelet, so you don’t have tie your laces.


Leazy flat laces are available in the following sizes:

S           Up to 4 eyelets per side

M          Up to 5 eyelets per side

          Up to 6 eyelets per side

XL         Up to 7eyelets per side

Recommendation: If you’re not sure what size to pick, choose laces one size larger. If the laces are too long, you can thread the tip back into the same eyelet, in the opposite direction.

Since every shoe is a bit different, here are the sizes we recommend, depending on the shoe:

Adidas Original Superstar: XL, Adidas Stan Smith: XL, Chucks Converse: XL, Nike Air Free: M, Vans Authentic: S


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